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8 Acne Fighting Ingredients That You Should Have In Your Products

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If you think you know what you need in your skin care regiment, you might want to rethink again.

This additional information on acne-fighting ingredients will never hurt but will do more favor to your skin.

The constant pain, picking, scratching, irritation, and swollen will turns you into a monster almost every day.

These ingredients, whether it is chemical or natural, will not only soothe your inflamed skin but will also calm your inner monstrosity down.

Having acne prone skin is not the end of the world but it is that little thing in life that will keep you going isn’t it?

Now, let’s discuss 8 acne-fighting ingredients you should have your eyes on when dealing with acne-prone skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)

This ingredient is also known as glycolic acid, starting to get popular day by day, moreover in Korean skincare products.

AHA is a type of chemical exfoliant that increases skin cell turnover for quicker healing from breakouts.

AHA is always combined with BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) in one product as a powerful duo that will slough away your acne prone skin at the surface level. It always comes in a form of toner and cleanser and is popular in most skincare brands retailed worldwide.

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Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA)

Also known as salicylic acid which is very famous for fighting acne prone skin. The function of BHA is normalized excessive shedding of cell and excess oil productions.

BHA also acts as a gentle exfoliator, same as AHA that will clear out the upper layer of the skin.

It is known as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent to calm swollen skin. While AHA act on the surface level, BHA penetrates deeper into your pores to clear out all of the blemishes. If you have a dull and oily, you will love this ingredient!

Benzoyl Peroxide

Famous as a spot treatment, benzoyl peroxide act by drying up your acne so that the acne will come off from the skin by itself.

That will save you from picking for sure. Its properties as an antibacterial agent will kill all of the bacteria on the acne in no time and are best for oily skin and will cause minor irritation if used on dry skin.

But don’t you worry!

There is a lot of spot treatment products with different percentage of benzoyl peroxide that will cater your acne prone skin’s demand.


Niacinamide is a new emerging ingredient that is making its name in the skincare industry. Famous with its ability to not only improving the clarity of your skin but is packed with acne fighting goodness! I

It is anti-inflammatory and regulates sebum to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.

The stunning effects are, your skin will be less congested by sebum and dirt causing acne, less oily, and brighter complexion. A bonus property in this liquid gold is that it is anti-aging! Not only it acts as an acne buster, but also an elixir of the pool of immortality.



Retinol is a form of vitamin A that is most popular in acne prone skin world. Retinol often comes in a cream form like a moisturizer.

Also famous as a heavy duty topical ingredients for acne because some of the derivatives such as Retinoid and Retin-A which has a different percentage of retinol and has to be prescribed by your dermatologist.

Sound scary huh?

Retinol works as a stimulant to rapidly increase skin cell turnover to reveal smooth, clear skin in no time. Its ability to regulate more collagen for younger skin also has made it anti-aging.

Now you know why it is famous in the first place.

Now you know about these wonderful 8 acne-fighting ingredients, which one have you incorporate in your daily routine? Share with us below in the comments section.

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