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Debunking 8 Unbelievable Acne Causes Myths

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As you know, facial skin is a sensitive area on our body. Moreover, if you have acne prone skin that is always flared up and is in pain, you will do anything to stop it. Including believing in silly and nonsense sayings just in the hope that you will clear your acne sooner.

Well, don’t get me wrong.

The effort is A+, but how far do the facts and sayings are actually true? Does your diet really take in charge of your skin condition? Or does it really true that acne-prone skin cannot use a moisturizer to avoid having oilier skin?

Let’s get debunking, shall we? 

Acne has nothing to do with diet

picture of unhealthy foods such as burger, fries and chips

A research conducted in the ’60s and ’70s says it’s true. Diet does not compromise your skin condition. These studies are so popular that people start to think that acne has nothing to do with diet.

But! Newer, advanced and more modern research has been carried out by the nutritionist doctorate of New York University, Jennifer Burris and her team, that tested 200 people who consumed more sugar, foods, dairy, and unhealthy fats were more likely to have moderate to severe acne. In simplicity, EAT MORE HEALTHIER!

Acne is only a teenager’s problem

picture of  woman who suffers adult acne

Wrong! Adult suffers from acne too, because as a regular human being like a teenager, adult experienced hormone imbalance as well. Adult acne is caused by the same surge of hormones you experienced as a teen. Like regular acne, the hormone causes an increase in oil production in your skin which will ultimately cause bacterial inflammation and pimples.

Consulting your dermatologist for some pills to rebalancing the monster in you is one way to banish adult acne forever.

Sunscreen clogged your pores

picture of sunscreens


Time for some sunscreen 101. There are two types of acne.

Physical sunscreen which contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, that reflects UV rays, and chemical sunscreen which contained oxybenzone and avobenzone that will absorb and neutralized UV light.

Okay, it is easier to put it this way.

Physical sunscreen makes you look like a pale, white caste ghost, while chemical sunscreen absorbs into your skin as a moisturizer does.

And the one that can cause irritation, inflammation, and breakouts is the chemical sunscreen.

The ingredients do not necessarily clogged your pores but definitely too harsh for acne prone sensitive skin and can make your pimples angrier.

While physical sunscreen actually helps with acne. Zinc oxide is a common active ingredient in sunscreen, but its anti-bacterial properties can help kill acne-causing bacteria and dries out ace too.

Well, here is the list of ingredients that you should have in your skincare to prevent acne.

Toothpaste heal pimple

picture of toothpaste

Toothpaste contained baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, menthol, and triclosan.

All of this is actually the ingredients that are used in acne products, individually but not all together. Using toothpaste with all the ingredients combined is actually harmful to your acne, simply because toothpaste is not made for your skin.

Continuous use of the toothpaste on your acne prone skin can cause a chemical burn, irritation, and rashes because the ingredients combined are too strong and can damage your skin layer even further.

Blackheads are dirt

picture of nose with blackhead

Well, it is not actually dirt from the outside like a free radical, that’s often known as sebum.

Sebum usually will make your skin dull and dirty.

While blackhead is actually gunk and debris that are being pushed outward from the inside in the process of skin cell turnover that will eventually be stuck in your pores because the process doesn’t happen fast enough.

Your pores will collect and trap all of that oil and debris and forming a blackhead. The reason it is black or dark in color because it is an open comedo, as opposed to the white head which is a closed comedo.

In easier words, a blackhead is an exposed and oxidized whitehead. Thus, the black color.

Acne happens when you did not wash your face enough

picture of a woman washing her face

Overwashing your face can cause more problem. It will irritate your skin and dry out skin, creating dry patches and redness.

Dehydration can occur too, which lead to clogged pores and making breakout worst. Think it this way, overwashing your skin will strip moisture and natural oil in the skin making the skin drier and irritated which leads to acne prone skin. 

Acne prone skin does not need a moisturizer

pictures of the different moisturizer's brands for oily acne skin
The best moisturizer for oily acne prone skin from Get The Gloss

This is the most huge misleading fact out there. I have known a lot of people who skip a lot of basic and important skin care steps because either they didn’t know what it does or they didn’t believe in the products itself.

While they believe that moisturizer will make their face oilier, let’s let them think why there are literally moisturizer products for oily type skin.

Moisturiser and hydration agent in the product will not give you oily skin, instead, it will provide and attract moisture into your skin, that will repair your skin barrier, texture, and acne problem, so that other products that you use will be more effective.

Usually, oily type skin is recommended to use a lightweight gel-based moisturizer or liquid hydrating toner because it is thin and does not leave sticky residue on the face.

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