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Try This 4 Types Of Face Mask With Magic Ingredients To Combat Acne

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If you have acne prone skin? Consider face mask.

Some does not even try to consider face mask as one of their vital product in their skincare routine. A face mask is as important as a spot treatment and serum to gives your skin that extra kick you need it moreover if you suffer from acne-prone skin.

When it comes to a face mask, I’m sure some of you guys already know what to choose and buy because you just need to read the name and description of the product on the packaging and you are good to go.

Face Mask

There are a lot of ranges when it comes to skincare products, and not to mention, face mask too. While you think having random face mask weekly is enough to solve your acne problems, you need to read this article to the bone and start making a change in your skincare journey. So, let’s begin!

Sheet mask

Too obvious is it? When it comes to a face mask, the sheet mask is the most popular among all. It is simple to use with straight to the point ingredients that will combat your skin problem.

One useful tip that I found out about sheet mask is you only need to wear it for 15-20 minutes only and never more. The dryer the sheet gets, the dryer your skin will be. The science behind it? I don’t even know but what I experienced is, my skin does feel dryer when I kept the sheet mask on for too long.

Unless it is an overnight sheet mask which usually is for extremely dry skin and will not dry throughout your sleepy night.

With acne is on sight, you surely need to keep an eye for a sheet mask that contains acne buster ingredients such as:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Glycolic acid
  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Tea tree oil

Cream mask

Act just the same as a sheet mask, but with extra advantages. The cream mask also acts as an advanced spot treatment. Some of it has a leave-in formula and some, you need to rinse off.

It looks like a moisturizer and something can be found as 2 in 1 cleanser plus mask, which act as a deep cleanser, or 2 in 1 mask plus scrub for that extra smooth skin.

Usually, the ingredients used are activated charcoal, benzoyl peroxide and fruits extract that act as filthy pores sucker, acne fighter, and natural enzyme to break down the active acne that you suffer from.

This will be your best friend as this type of mask is not sticky because it can be rinsed off, and still is hydrating to your acne prone skin.

Peel off mask

Least favorite by the acne prone organization of the world as it has a scary name that might leave trauma to your skin, or so you think. Apart from all of the myths about peel off mask being scary and painful, the truth is, it is not at all.

Or, some of it is. But definitely not for acne prone skin! That would’ve been awful.

Peel off mask for acne prone skin is usually mild and soft gel type that dries into this thin layer of film that you can peel. It is so satisfying to see all of the gunk that stuck on the peel!

Most of the peel off mask for acne prone skin made out of fruits extract that has healing properties like pomegranate, cucumber, papaya and strawberry that will help to lift all of the dead skin, sebums and extra oil which is a common culprit to acne.

Clay or mud mask

One of the most popular and favorite after sheet mask is clay or mud mask. Clay mask came in powder form and mud musk is in, well, muddy form, which is not dried.

Clay has been a remarkable ingredient to heal everything except for heartbreak.

It will heal wounds, soothe inflammations and deep cleanse the skin. It is also known for its detoxifying properties that will soak up all the acne-causing impurities, which not only treating the root causes of acne but also ongoing symptoms of breakout skin that tackles to restore balance, draw out impurities, shrink pores and absorb extra oil which will lessen the antibacterial growth on acne.

clay face mask
Clay or mud mask for acne prone skin

The famous clay or mud mask:

Bentonite clay – the most powerful clay mask of all that will send tingling sensation as a sign to let you know how much you suffer from blemishes and how much you need the mask.

The more tingles and sting you felt, the better because that’s mean it is working hard to get your skin clear from the gunk. Bentonite clay is a composed of ash made from volcanos and often mixed with apple cider vinegar for that extra acne buster properties to kick those zits out forever!

White kaolin clay – kaolin clay is made out of a mineral called kaolinite which is a hydrous aluminum silicate formed by the decomposition of minerals such as feldspar.

Kaolin clay can be found in South-Eastern China. It functions just like bentonite clay but more mellow and not irritating or have any stinging and tingling effect. Tackles scars and pigmentation for a brighter complexion with an inner glow, kaolin clay is great for not only facial skin but all over the body and your hair can benefit from it too!

Dead sea mud mask – dead sea mud mask is retrieved from The Dead Sea which is a saltwater lake in the Middle East between Jordan and Israel. The Dead Sea is surrounded by mountains making the mud rich with a unique combination of minerals like magnesium, sodium, and sulfur.

Dead sea mud is used to treat the health condition ranging from psoriasis to back pain. If you have eczema or sensitive acne prone skin, you might wanna try out this mud mask instead of the painful bentonite clay one. It reduces skin impurities and improves skin’s functionality by making it a better barrier and more elastic to prevent any sign of aging.

Now that you know what you need, start assembling your masks for a better skincare game.

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