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3 Painful And Popular Heavy Duties Acne ‘Sloughing’ Treatment: Does It Worth It?

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When talking about acne treatment, people might be thinking, slapping some topical spot treatment will cut it and the next thing they know, the acne would not budge and they end up crying their heart out.

Do not give up just yet! Today we will discuss the other treatment that might cost you some arm and legs but surely a clearer and acne free skin. I mean, if that’s your priority, why not!

We will discuss 3 different treatment that is carried out by dermatologist and your aesthetician.

  • Chemical peeling treatment
  • Acne laser treatment
  • Vampire PRP treatment

Now let me tell you that it is not as scary as it sounds, I swear! Let me break down into you in a summary of what are these treatments.

A chemical peel is usually can be done at home using over the counter products but the effect and result from dermatologist and aesthetician’s procedure are far faster with a higher level of acid used, thus, will be a bit more painful than a regular exfoliating toner from the drugstore.

While acne laser treatment will help with acne and major scarring issues. Acne laser shoots intense monochromatic light that gives a slightly irritated pulse which will remove blemishes and rejuvenate skin’s texture. This procedure is famous to get rid of bumpy, indented scars like an ice pick, keloid and pitted scarring. 

Vampire PRP treatment wins my heart because it is natural – because it uses your own blood, and is the least painful between a chemical peel and laser treatment. Chemical peel and laser treatment have to be done repeatedly in between the course, while vampire treatment only should be done once a year. the way it works is by separating the platelets from patient’s own blood that has been drawn in a vial and is injected directly into the skin or by micro-needling which is way less painful than the other 2 treatments above. 

Lets discussed in details of the whats, hows, and whys of the treatments, shall we?

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Chemical Peel Treatment for Acne Prone Skin and Scars

The way chemical peel work is by stripping off dead skin cell from the surface of the skin using Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Beta Hydroxy Acid. Chemical peel heels acne by making room for new skin cells to migrate upward to the surface of the skin.

Dead skin starts to peel few days after treatment

It will stimulate the production of collagen beneath the skin and eventually filling in pitted, and indented acne scars for a smoother skin surface.

This type of chemical peel treatment is not the same as the one you performed at home by using some over the counter acid products. This particular treatment is carried out by dermatologist and the acid that they use is higher in concentration with a lower pH level of Alpha Hydroxy Acid that will shock the new healthy skin cells until they die to help removes the excess layer of skin that will keep pore tight, and clear, in result of plumper skin. 

After the treatment, your skin will be very sensitive to the sun for 7 days and will be advised to either stay indoors or use a mask and big hat to cover your face. In between those 7 days, your dead skin starts peeling, this is where it gets its name.

And your new clearer and plumper skin will be revealed. Note that this treatment has to be done in courses to get the desired result and will not 100% cure your acne and scarring in one treatment.

The result from chemical peeling treatment done at ImageDermatology

However, with improper aftercare advised by your doctor, your skin will have the severe opposite effect where you will get chemical burned on your skin and you will be exposed with sensitive skin in a long run.

Acne Laser Treatment for Stubborn Acne Scars

The laser is probably the famous one among other treatments available because it has been existing for a long time and not only to help with scarring but also to get rid of unwanted hair on the body, to get rid of regretful tattoos and also to remove unwanted, ugly moles on the body.

Just like chemical peel treatment, the result of laser treatment is unlikely to be seen on the first treatment and has to get done repeatedly. Laser treatment also is not successful with a darker skin tone because the melanin in the darker skin will be charred upon in contact with the laser light and will result in severe sensitivity on the skin. 

So how does the laser treatment works?

The result from acne and scar laser treatment by OneDoc Laser & Aesthetic, Malaysia

The laser treatment works by producing intense monochromatic light that is limited to a very narrow band of wavelength. The process of using a laser to remove blemishes in the skin is known as photothermolysis which means, the breakdown of the selected tissues in the skin.

The continuous laser light would destroy tissues surrounding the target as the target tissue heated, so laser skin treatment is usually done with pulsed lasers which give tingling, pinprick sensation to your skin.

The pros of this treatment are not only it is bloodless but it is also reduced the risk of skin infection because there is no needle involvement or, cutting open the skin. The treatment also does not take a long time to finish and is non-invasive too.

Depends on the condition of your skin the laser treatment will continue until the scarring will start to heal and smooth skin has appeared.

Vampire PRP Treatment for Acne Prone Skin

I am probably excited to talk about this treatment because it has been popularized by Kim Kardashian, the legend, herself. But don’t you worry, the treatment itself does not involve a vampire nor it is as scary as the name suggest.

The name of the vampire treatment came from the procedure itself where patients are being injected by their own blood’s platelets. PRP  stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, that is drawn by the patient’s own blood and the platelet is separated from the plasma which is a cellular component of blood.

The increase in growth factor the platelets can cause tissue regeneration leading to increased collagen production. Prepare for the supple, plump and more glowy skin ahead!

There are 2 ways of the platelet are re-injected:

Platelet is injected into the skin using standard needle
  • Direct injection into the face using a standard needle that will cause a little pain and probably a botox injection experience.
  • Or performing microneedling on the face and topically smearing the platelet on the skin to allow diffusion of the platelet into the tiny holes created by the microneedling. This method is more effective because the involvement of microneedling will stimulate more collagen production and breaks up acne scarring faster. 

Why it is more promising and beneficial?

The result after vampire treatment from Waterdown Laser Clinic

Vampire treatment is a medical procedure that only can be done by medical practitioners, meaning it is strictly professional and no sketchy spa can ever conduct this treatment. This treatment is natural as it uses your own blood, with no other chemical products been thrown onto your skin.

It also allows facial rejuvenation to happen in a natural way by stimulating collagen production and improvising elasticity of the skin.

Have you made up your mind in which treatment you considered performing?

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