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What Causes Your Stubborn Forehead and Chin Acne and How to treat it with 8 Simple Tricks

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Do you have forehead and chin acne but nowhere else and you have been wondering what caused it all along? We all have been known that what causes acne is the reproduction of P.Acnes Bacteria (bacteria causing acne), but what about how the bacteria formed? Where does it come from? As far as you know, you always put your hygiene first with cleaned and sanitized hands before you touch your boo-boo on your face. Hmm…

Sit back while we explain the tea on the culprits for this annoying forehead and chin acne.

When it comes to figuring out where your acne comes from, and what it tries to tell you about your skin (and surprisingly, your health too), acne face mapping is an easy way to draw a general line on which category your acne falls into.

Below is information extracted from the Healthline website on how acne can tell much more about your health.

Face Area Causes of Acne
Improper digestion
Irregular sleep
Poor diet
Hair products
HairlineHair products
CheeksDirty pillowcase
Dirty makeup brushes
Mobile phone screen
NoseActive sebaceous gland
Poor diet
Comedogenic products
ChinHormonal imbalance
DietActive sebaceous gland
JawlineHormonal imbalance
Poor diet

Forehead Acne (Temple and Hairline)

The forehead area is the most common place for acne to make its appearance. The biggest culprit is actually your hair products itself. Hairspray, serum, and dry shampoo, most of them have harsh chemicals and mineral oils that will seep into your skin and clog the pores, thus causing acne eruption.

Though we never want to admit that one pimple that makes an appearance after a night of greasy, sugary and nasty fast food, is actually caused by the FOOD ITSELF, let’s face it, one of the major factors for acne contribution is poor diet and improper digestion. Oh well.

Not only that, having bangs also can contribute to acne production, moreover if you are sweating, and your bangs is in the way of your skin to breath. This also can be applied by using comedogenic skincare products that will clog your pores and caused whitehead and blackhead.

Examples of comedogenic ingredients are:

  •  Coconut oil (non-virgin)
  • Cocoa butter
  • Beeswax
  • Avocado oil
  • Almond oil
  • Lanolin

 If you suffer from acne in these areas, you might want to check back your daily habits that can contribute to the angry bumps. Here are some of the tips that will fix your bad habits that most of us guilty for (Oops!):

  • Avoid wearing a cap or hat while doing vigorous activities such as working out at the gym.
  • Make sure to put your hair up during hot weather so that it would not touch your skin.
  • Change your hair products to the one with a simpler formula such as organic and natural formula that does not contain harsh chemicals such as pure argan oil for serum and sea salt spray for hair texturizer or good old corn starch-based dry shampoo.
  • Watch out for skincare products that can clog pores. Here is some list of comedogenic ingredients you can avoid in skincare.
  • Reduce the intake of bad foods. Read here on how you can get rid of your acne forever by cutting sugar, bad carbohydrates and dairy. Trust me guys, it is not the end of the world yet.
wearing cap while sweating can cause forehead acne

T-zone Acne (Forehead/Chin/Nose)

When it comes to the T-zone area on your face which is where sebaceous glands produce most oil that helps in moisturizing the surface. But, some of the people have an active sebaceous gland and will overproduce unwanted oil that will lead to the production of bacteria causing acne (P.Acnes), thus which is when the drama episode of a pimple here, pimple there is on air.

Active Sebaceous gland can happen if you did not hydrate and moisturize your skin accordingly and messed up your skin barrier. The excess oil makes up for the hydration and moisture loss in your skin.

So what do you really need to fix this problem because you will never know when you will cross path with any cute guys in the future right?

  • Exfoliate frequently with a chemical exfoliator (AHA, BHA) whether it is in a form of toner, serum, or mask. This will helps to get rid of oil and the yucky dead skin cell from your forehead and chin acne.
  •  Use proper hydrating and moisturizing products. Learn more about it here on why you need to hydrates and moisturize your skin!
  • Use mattifying skincare products that will reduce the appearance of shine and oiliness. Click here fast for awesome products that will mattify your skin plus get rid of acne all on its own.
chemical exfoliator for forehead and chin acne
Some chemical exfoliator for forehead and chin acne

So there you go guys, now that you know how to kick your forehead and chin acne out from your life forever, but don’t you sleep on your other bad habits that need to GONE. Here’s to see gross habits that you might be guilty of that causes your acne.

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