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7 Effective Ways For Acne Prone Skin To Have Flawless Makeup Steps By Steps

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I’d like to think that this topic is everyone’s favorite because it has something to do with makeup. And covering acne prone skin with makeup is not easy either.

I might save someone’s life over this article today.

As everyone is aware, wearing makeup is not a strange thing when it comes to being a woman.

But sometimes it hits you with a brick when you try to doll up and have a nicely caked face, but your acne keeps showing from the underneath of all of that product you pile on, thus, what I’m about to tell you today is much important to not only get a flawless base for your makeup but also preventing your acne getting any worst.

I will not only include step by step of what I learned from a skillful Beauty Guru from Youtube, that has suffered from acne-prone skin too, but I will include all of the skincare prep that you need before a successful flawless makeup application and also some products suggestion that suits your acne-prone skin.

How To Prep Your Acne Prone Skin Before Makeup


Use a mild and gentle cleanser that will not irritate your skin and make your acne angrier. Opt for gel textured cleanser that has no foam. Foam can dry out the skin because foam extracts oil and moisture from the skin, and is more practical to use on oily skin. Also, to make sure your cleanser won’t hurt your skin, try to watch for a cleanser with no alcohol, paraben, fragrance, and dye.

Monoskin Clear Skin Cleanser_2
Monoskin Clear Skin Purifying Cleanser is mild cleanser with powerful anti-acne properties to treat your acne and prevent future breakout.


Before a heavy makeup, you might want to try a pore tightening mask or detox mask to de-gunk and smooth out the skin (for oily skin). Also to make sure that your skin wouldn’t get oily once you apply your heavy makeup.

And for dry skin, sheet mask that is enriched with hyaluronic acid and moisture properties are ideal to make sure that no dry patch and flakiness will lift up and peeling from your skin during makeup application. This will actually cause more textures visible while wearing makeup.

Exfoliating toner

Using exfoliating toner before makeup can actually help so much. After the mask earlier, you want to apply exfoliating toner to get rid of extra gunk and dead skin cell residue to gives smoother and softer skin with added moisture and hydration.


Last but never the least, when it comes to moisturizer, it is important to not use anything thick and creamy because you don’t want your makeup to be oily and slick, making your foundation not sticking on your face. You can also avoid moisturizer on your nose so that your foundation and concealer wouldn’t lift off and get rub off easily.

Try on gel moisturizer, or hydrating toner to hydrate your skin.

Make sure you get the driest area on your skin to avoid dry patches and flakiness. Now that you have covered the skincare part, let’s move on to the most exciting part.


How To Apply Makeup On Acne Prone Skin


When it comes to acne, you got to deal with texture and discoloration. This is when blurring and color correcting primer came to the rescue.

Blurring primer often made out of silicone. This what fills in the textures, dents, pitted scars and noticeable large pores for that smooth and velvety skin.

While the color correct features in a primer will prep and even out your skin tone.

Acne prone skin usually suffers from redness and dark scarring. The color correct primer will help to neutralize these problems so that the foundation can mask the acne better.

Color Correcting Concealer

Even though the primer already has the color correcting features, but sometimes the discoloration is too prominent for the primer to do all the job.

Color correcting concealer will attend to the redness and dark scarring like a heavy duty paint job on your face. Opt for thicker concealer consistency to get more coverage.

How to know what color to use?

Red and peach are for dark spot, hyper pigmentation, and dark circle under your eye.

Red or deep orange is ideal for medium to darker skin tone, while peach is for fair skin.

Yellow and green are for redness around your nose or redness of the acne itself.

Yellow is for fair skin tone while green is for medium to darker skin tone.

How to apply: Apply just like a regular concealer on the area that is needed. Using a blending sponge to dab the products into your skin. Try not o use brush if your discoloration is prominent because you dont want to miss the coverage.


The step that we all been waiting for. When it comes to choosing a foundation for acne prone skin, you can go for full coverage and mattifying.

One is to cover your acne for a smoother and flawless effect.

Second, the mattifying product can avoid oiliness and last longer so that you don’t have to deal with rubbed off the foundation on your nose.

Avoid doing a glowy look with your makeup because everything that is reflective, shiny, and glittery will enhance the look of your acne.

How to apply: Using a blending sponge with dabbing motion is ideal. Avoid using a brush because the brush will cause your products under your foundation to be rubbed off. Not only that, your dry patch and flakiness will lift off and leaving your skin to get textured. The brush can also leave brushing streaks and patchiness all over your skin.

If you’re dealing with texture and bumpy acne, or scars, you can take sponge wedge and tear it in the corner. Apply some foundation on the torn side and dab the sponge on the texture area of your skin. The method here is to ensure all of the crevices and grooves got covered with foundation.

And the key to flawless, skin-like foundation application is to dab for a long time. Just dab dab dab with that blending sponge for 3 minutes until the foundation is secure into your skin.


Many people think concealer is for spot concealing.

But concealer is also used to brighten up your skin so that you’ll look brighter and fresh.

It will draw light to the center of your face to create an illusion of more longer and slight;y asymmetrical shape of the face.

Try to use liquid concealer because it is more blendable and flexible.

At this point, you don’t have to use full coverage mattifying concealer because it can get drying on your skin

How to apply: Using a concealer with two-tone lighter than yours, start concealing under your eyes, on the bridge of your nose, chin, and forehead. Blend with blending sponge with dabbing motion to avoid cakey-ness and creasing.

Setting Powder

The highlight of this makeup routine is setting powder. You want to use a setting powder that is super soft and smooth so that it will not get cakey and causing your skin to dry and flaked up. Look for a formula that does not contain silica because silica can cause reflection and flashback on flash photography, thus emphasize the texture on your skin.

And also use a yellow color powder that the beauty people call banana powder, and translucent powder. Dont use white or skin color. Banana and translucent powder are used to avoid ashiness.

How to apply: Using a blending sponge, dab your powder where you concealed. Let that bake for a minute, so that the powder will absorb any moisture to ensure your makeup will stay put and will not budge for a long time.

At this point, you can go ahead and finish your eye makeup and contour before you can dust the remaining powder off with fluffy brush. With the same brush, lightly brush away excess of the powder all over the face to lock the foundation and finishes off your base makeup.

Setting Spray

Setting spray also is very important to lock that make up for long-lasting effects.

Not only that, but the moisture of the spray will also melt the makeup into your skin and making your skin smooth and velvety.

Instead of looking dry and cakey, make sure to invest in some of the good setting sprays.

At the end of the day, embracing your flaws or applying full face makeup is a choice and anybody can have the liberty to implement it.

At the end of the day don’t forget to love yourself, embrace your flaws and never let the opinions of others affect your self-confidence.

You are enough!

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